Days of Venus is a creative concept studio. An unconventional creative agency, an experimental and experiential project aimed to discover the new XXI century beauty through brands, artists, artisans and emerging designers.


Just as Venus was born from the sea foam to bring beauty into this world, today a new kind of brands is being born from noise and chaos. These new brands are bringing us a new concept of beauty, making the ethic part as important as the aesthetic. The XXI century is a never ending Day of Venus as we are constantly searching for the new era beauty across art, crafts, fashion, literature, design, critical thinking and curated experiences.


At Days of Venus our  core values are honesty, creativity, authenticity, artisanship, sustainability and all forms of artistic and aesthetic inspiration & expression. 


We create soulful and meaningful projects & brands in fashion, travel and lifestyle industries. Mixing words, strategies and imagery we create concepts, narratives, and stories for your brand to help you engage with your ideal audience and build a loyal community around your brand and idea. Using visual marketing and emotional branding we engage with your audience creating emotional connections in a digitally saturated world.